Club History

President – Optimist International Governer – Indiana North District Secretary – Treasurer Indiana District Lt Governor Zone 6
Ken Garner Melvin A. Jackson Janie Norman Doyle Godbolt

Our December, 1956 Club Charter
Club By-Laws

President President Elect Past President
Vince Walters Frank Donaldson
Secretary Treasurer
Janie Norman Chris Whitehead
Board Board Board
Fred Anderson 2016-2018 Jeff Oliver 2016-2018
Elizabeth Goble 2014-2016
Board Board Board
Ellie Butz 2014-2016
Peter Branson 2016-2018
Janie Norman 2014-2016

Committee Chairs

Sgt. at Arms Programs Fellowship
Ellie Butz
Oratorical Contest Membership Webmaster
George Patrick Tom Bryja
Chris Whitehead
Vincent Walter
Cajun Night Haunted House Poinsettias
Brent Ritter Tom Bryja
Golf Outing Essay Contest Teacher Grants
Janie Norman Conrad Walters
Fundraising and Projects Social Backpacks
Conrad Walters
Jeff Oliver
Steve Bruhn Gary Buttry
Reading Buddies Downtown Moseys
Angela Vinson Ellie Butz
Cherie Bruhn

Club Hall of Fame

Year Club President Optimist of the Year Continuing Service Award
1956 Clifford W. Tearman
1957 Lou Carr
1958 Charles R. Ellingwood
1959 Wayne R. Quale *
1960 Signey J. Lanier
1961 Frederick J. Lux *
1962 Dr. Howard R. Ware
1963 Charles W. Strubel
1964 William Allen
1965 Howard Ayres
1966 James Bowman
1967 Gerald Lemm +
1968 Arlan L. Banes *
1969 O. Fred Koning
1970 Dr. William Corbett
1971 Keith C. Butz * + $
1972 Edward Clark *
1973 Donald L. Holst
1974 Edward Mugg Keith Butz
1975 James Strother John Strathman
1976 Al McClure Ray Wolf
1977 Mike Wilson * + Ed Schmidlin Fred Lux
1978 John T. Strathman * + $ Jim Strother Lou Carr
1979 Jim Goddard + Mike Wilson Keith Butz
Ray Wolf
1980 Gary Henriott + $ Mike Piggott John Strathman
1981 Dean Upshaw + Brent Clary Mike Piggott
1982 Ray Wolf * Gene Thomas Mike Wilson
1983 Brent Clary Jim Powell Jim Strother
1984 Mike Poehlein Mike Harmon Bill Strasburger
Larry Loft
1985 Jim Powell * + Dave Norman Dennis DeMay
1986 Mike Harmon Larry Loft Gerald “Curly” Myers
1987 Dennis DeMay + Gary Buttry Frank Donaldson
1988 Del Bartlett Roger Beaver Russell Clark
1989 Jack Goris Frank Donaldson Dave Norman
1990 Rich Ritter * Rich Ritter Dean Upshaw
1991 Steve Vaughn Steve Vaughn Gary Buttry
1992 Dave Norman Jeff Johnson Clyde Ploughe
1993 Jeff Johnson + Duane Keiser Ron Burgess
1994 Doug Mulhaupt Ron Burgess Lou Carr
1995 John Carson Keith Butz Jack Mertz
1996 Steve Heidenson Tim Oliver John Fader
1997 Gordon McCool Clyde Plough Rich Ritter
1998 Jeff Yocum + Jeff Oliver Jim Powell
1999 Ed Finn * + $ Jack Mertz Steve Heidenson
2000 Clyde Ploughe Ed Finn Jeff Yocum
2001 Jeff Oliver Kevin Sims Ed Finn
2002 John Ruddock + $ John Ruddock Jane Norman
2003 Lori Winger Conrad Walters
George Bittles
Mike Troutmann
2004 Tom McCool Dennis DeMay Brian Butz
Ann Shaw
2005 Ann Shaw * Mahlen Butz
Ellie Butz
Gordon McCool
2006 Conrad Walters Joanne Web Cherie Bruhn
2007 George Bittles * Chrissy Wise Jeff Oliver
2008 Mahlon Butz * + Doug Fowler Chris Whitehead
2009 Gary Buttry Gary Buttry George Bittles
2010 Doug Fowler Ellie Butz Conrad Walters
2011 Conrad Walters Annette Reisinger Gary Buttry
2012 Rich Ritter * Tom Bryja Ellie Butz
2013 Tom Bryja Angela Vinson Jeff Oliver
2014 Chris Whitehead  Jeannene Ackerman  Gary Buttry
2015 Angela Vinson
2016 Frank Donaldson
2017 Vince Walters

* Past Lt. Governor
+ Honor Club
$ Distinguished

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