Teacher Grants

Each year the club solicits grant requests from teachers in the Lafayette, West Lafayette, and Tippecanoe County School Corporations. Each request has the name of the teacher and school redacted so that a committee of members can review each request without bias. Funds are then awarded to the teacher(s) based on the merits of the request and availability of club funds.

Email: Conrad Walters for more information.


Teacher(s) applying School Grade Notes
Stacey McNerney Battle Ground Elementary K Zoo-Phonics Multisensory Language Arts
Katie Nail Burnette Creek 2 Math Mats
Brandy Cain Dayton K-3 Sp.Ed Picture books – Habits
Amanda Knoy Earhart 3 Flocabulary
Brenda Layton Earhart 2 Indianapolis Children’s Museum
Gaye Hilgediek Earhart K-4 Makerspace
Jennifer Koch Earhart K Columbian Park Zoo Trip
Valerie Sperry Earhart 1 Columbian Park Zoo Mobile
Erin Phillips Edgelea 3 & 4 Bristle Bots
Celeste Fernandez Happy Hollow 4 Ozobots
Angela Yost Harrison HS/ KMS 12 Improv Training
Kristin Strasser Hershey 1 MATH Games
Julie Grubb Miami K Animals & Insects & Zoo Chat
Jessica Reseigh Miami & Murdock K-4 Clay and Glaze
Jaqueline Grider Mintonye 1 Upgrade to digital listening library
Grace Gillespie Sunnyside 5-6 Boys book club
Amy Sturgeon TSC 6-12 Learn basic English
Katie McCool Vinton K-2 Sp.Ed Learning Without Tears
Katherine Kincaid WL HS 12 ceramic plates
Kristi Arbic Woodland 1 STEM activity boxes


Teacher(s) applying School Grade Notes
Tina Cupp Battle Ground Elem. 3-5 The Whole Ball of Wax
Brittany Morrison Battle Ground Middle 8 Nonfiction Interest Novels
Rebecca Combs Battle Ground Middle 6 Show Me the Evidence
Angela Mathewson Cumberland K Play kitchen
Brandy Cain Dayton Elem K-3 Wilson Reading System Kit
Brenda Layton Earhart 2 Indianapolis Children’s Museum Trip
Valerie Sperry Earhart 1 Zoo Mobile
Jennifer Koch Earhart K Columbian Park Zoo
Courtney Murtaugh Happy Hollow K-5 Sensory Room
Celeste Fernandez/Sally Christensen Happy Hollow 4 “Traveling” Library
Ann Hammons Harrison HS 9 CANDLES Museum
Kelli Waggoner Klondike Elem K-5 Coil, Roll and Bend
Julie Grubb Miami Elem K Animals & Insects
Jessica Reseigh Miller K-4 Clay
Melissa Eisensmith Mintonye K-5 Music to Literacy
Kathryn Stwalley Oakland HS 9-12 microscopic phenomena
Chris Steindorff Southwestern 7 The Crumple Zone Lab
Grace Gillespie Sunnyside MS 5-6 Boys Book Club
Tarra Ziegler Tecumseh 7-8 Autism iHelp Apps
Katie McCool Vinton K-2 Sp Ed Handwriting Without Tears
Laurie Camp Wea Ridge Elem K-5 Board Games
Tracy McPherson Woodland 2 Nonfiction reading
Tracy Trice Wyandotte Elem K-5 sensory tools
Justin Notoras/Kristin Strasser Wyandotte Elem 1 Indianapolis Zoo


Teacher(s) applying School Grade Notes
Kristy Delp, Mary Clevenger, Barb Tilley Mintonye PreS – 5 Garden project
Kelli Waggoner Burnett Creek / Dayton Elem K – 5 Hands In Clayt
James Koval Oakland HS 9 – 12 Worms – Majestic Soil
Angela Herold Happy Hollow 4 Pioneer Day
Carlee Potts Mayflower Mill K – 5 Cooking
Shannon Challgren Battle Ground MS 7 Percents & Technology
Brenda Layton Earhart 2 Indy Childrens’ Museum
Paige Halsema Miller K – 4 School Math Night
Connie Wiese Jeff HS 12 Homeless Day Shelter
Karen Charles Burnett Creek 5 Students Participating As Responsible Citizens
Kim Deckard Burnett Creek 4 Science Games
Grace Gillespie Sunnyside MS 5 – 6 Boys Book Club + snacks
Jennifer Koch Earhart K Columbian Park Zoo trip
Anne Brandt Klondike MS 6 – 8 Voice recorders
Justin Notoras Wyandotte 1 MP3 players for audio books
Kara Bronikowski Burnett Creek 3 Math games


Teacher(s) applying School Grade Notes
 Katie Dodds  Happy Hollow 4 Memory Books
 Nadine Roush  Earhart 4 Cooking up Some Excitement
 Christina Stanfield and Grace Gillespie  Sunnyside 6 Countries Project
 Karen Pedigo  Edglea ? 3 Science Projects
 Jen Tilley  Woodland  1 Fluency – digital recorder
 Amy Craig  Southwestern MS  7 Homeroom Fitness
 Brenda Layton  Earhart  2 Indy Childrens’ Museum
 Kim Deckard and others  Burnett Creek 4-5 Math items
 Terri Fisher and others  Burnett Creek  3  Because of Winn-Dixie
 Elizabeth Hittle  Sunnyside 5  spellingcity.com
 Jennifer Koch  Earhart K Fair Oaks Dairy trip
 Jennifer Kimerer  Earhart  1  Zoo Chat
 Jamie Peterson  Woodland 3 Audio CD books
 Kathy Nimmer  Harrison HS 10-12 Creative Writing – “morning papers”
 Kelli Waggoner  Burnett Creek 3-5  Power through the Paintbrush
 Ruthi Krynak  Klondike Elem  4 Indianapolis trip
 Justin Notoras  Wyandotte 1  Math Manipulative sets
 Donna Thomas and Amy Schwartz  Klondike Elem  4  Versa Tiles


Teacher(s) applying School Grade Notes
Jeanne Dano Dayton, Woodland, Burnett Creek K-5 Goodwill Ambassadors (partial)
Jennifer McCutcheon Southwestern MS 8 SmartPAL dry erase sleeves
Kim Pinto Burnett Creek 2-3 Water Color/Bread Baker/Comic Book (partial)
Candice Kissinger Tecumseh MS 8 Science document camera
Jami Mosley & Julia Broady Harrison HS 9-12 Kitchen Aid mixers
Brenda Layton Earhart 2 Indianapolis Childrens Museum
Tracy Trice Wyandotte K-5 Reading for One – Reading for All
Ryan Habben, Kelli Bowen, Sandy Fountain Mintonye 4-5 12 Learning Games
Jennifer Koch Earhart K Homework Kits
Kristen Pfeifer Tecumseh MS 7-8 Digital Voice Recorders
Katie Coomey Burnett Creek 3 Drops In the Bucket
Paige Halsema Miller K Letter Backpacks
Tracy McPherson Sunnyside 6 Newspapers in Education Program
Stephenie Long Klondike MS 6-8 Rewards reading intervention
Sarah Grimes Woodland K Bell choir
Jen Tilley Woodland 1 Bridge Learning Through Big Books
Justin Notoras Wyandotte 1 Read to Succeed books


Teacher(s) applying School Grade Notes
Carmen Trapp Burnett Creek 3 Practice Makes Perfect Games (partial)
Sharon Smith, Kathy Freeman, Cheryl Rule Cumberland 1 Basket – Literacy Stations
Brenda Layton Earhart 2 The Quilt Story
Judi Kelsey James Cole Special Ed 2 laptop computers
Christy Diehl Jeff HS 9 – 12 2 Flip cameras – photojournalism
Andrea Hurm, Sara Nemtuda, Alyson Sauter, Yvonne Whelan Klondike 3 We Both Read books
200px Clark Miller 1 2 Sets of wireless headphones
Vicki Schmidt Wea Ridge MS 8 Guitar books
Melinda Cotton Wea Ridge MS 6 – 7 2 keyboards
Mary Beth Fitzgerald Wyandotte K – 5 Readers Theater school library (partial)
Kristin Strasser Wyandotte 1 Leveled Reading Books
Justin Notoras Wyandotte 1 Interactive math manipulatives
Tracy Trice, Jodi Wickes Wyandotte K – 5 Frog games – Drops In the Bucket – Reading materials


Teacher(s) applying School Grade Notes
Kelly Schetzsle Burnett Creek Elementary 1 You Can Count On Me!
Kim Deckard Burnett Creek Elementary 3 Reading CD’s
Kristen Strasser Dayton Elementary 1 CD players & Books
Brenda Layton Earhart Elementary 2 Flag pins and story
Vicki Hooker Glen Acres Elementary 4 Pioneer Potpourri
Christy Diehl Jefferson High School 9-12 Current issues books
>Debbie Chappell Klondike Elementary K-5 New Sensory Room for disabled students
Elizabeth Hittle Sunnyside Middle School 5 Challenge Humanities
Ruth Ewigleben Wea Ridge Elem & Mintonye Elementary K-2 Music Play – music books
Julie Hoffman Wea Ridge Middle School 6-8 Nintendo Wii for Special Education Class
Melinda Cotton Wea Ridge Middle School 6-7 Electric keyboards